Wednesday, February 03, 2010

What is a GHETTO anyway?

There's different definitions.

One common one is a region where people of one ethnicity is concentrated, usually characterized by poverty, lower levels of education, erc, etc...

But I'd like to offer another definition:


What do I mean by that?

You see, most crime is committed by men, YOUNG men, to be more specific. We all know the obvious -- boys are different from girls. And one of the ways that they are different is that boys are simply more aggressive, they take more risks, and often do straight-out stupid things, all in the name of adventure. Some of that leads to productive energy, but sometimes, in certain settings (like a ghetto) it leads to gangs, vandalism, theft, violent crime, and irresponsible sexual behavior. And what's a ghetto without those things??

There is one very crucial component that can tame the beast that is male aggression, but this element is usually lacking in ghettos. What is this missing element???

.... It's FATHERS.

Chris Rock put it best when he said there's nothing more powerful than a mom telling her son "I'ma tell your daddy!" He goes on to say that a mom could have a gun to her kid's head, but that still wouldn't have the effect of those simple words: "I'ma tell your daddy!"

Though moms do important work in raising their boys, without the healthy and constant presence of a loving, responsible older male in the home, a boy's more aggressive tendencies won't be put in check. And since boys are also tribal, it won't be long before they find other fellow warriors to raise some hell with. Gotta appreciate that energy, although some won't appreciate when that energy turns destructive, or when several generations of male recklessness turns a neighborhood into a ghetto.

Now how do we increase the possibilites of making a ghetto by lowering the number of fathers?

1. Mock fathers in the popular culture. Portray dads in sitcoms and commercials, etc as old and out of touch. Not as cool as their kids, and not as sharp as their wives. Or better yet, portray them as indulgent and abusive. If this is what fathers are like, then maybe they're not that important, right?

2. Feminize boys in school and at home. Emphasize their feelings and their self-esteem, instead of their sense of honor and duty.

3. Give young men the option of leaving the young women that they impregnate.

This can be done with the following:

-we can teach young men and women that women are empowered and independent, and that they don't need men;

-we can REMOVE THE PRESSURE off males to marry a woman after he made her pregnant;

-the welfare system can remove the need for males to provide for their "babies' mommas",

The message the young man hears is "I don't REALLY have to stick around." Everything's covered, I can go back to playing video games and hanging with my boys. Meanwhile their sons, will be raised by their moms, repeating the cycle all over again!

Wow! Isn't making a ghetto fun? I wonder how many other cities we can impoverish by repeating this cycle?


Nellie said...

I couldn't agree more. The father figure is crucial for a healthy, functional society.

Nellie said...
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Black, Hispanic & Multi-Racial American Tea Party said...

This piece that you have written is very insightful!!! I would like to share your comments with others! This issue deserves more discussion. Only Socialist Progressives and Liberal politicians stand to prosper in elections with more ghettos.

Anonymous said...

This is one place where the battle needs to be waged. We need to pray over it and send it to every corner of the nation.